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Passmore Driving School creates exceptional drivers by delivering amazing lessons to students in and around Meadow Springs. Our modern driver education programme features smart car technology and all the electronic creature features, computers and associated functionality is the heart beat of modern cars. It’s time to incorporate some knowledge of your modern car into your learner driving lessons. Learning to drive in our modern dual controlled cars will give you the confidence to become a safe and competent driver.

We have flexible booking times and we like to work in with your schedule. Want to be picked up from home and dropped off somewhere else, school, work, etc? We can definitely do that.

Passmore Driving School offers a diverse team of highly qualified male and female driving instructors equipped to teach you to drive in both Manual and Automatic dual-control cars.

In your first two driving lessons we concentrate on;

  • steering
  • blind spots
  • lane changing
  • merging
  • emergency braking

Manual drivers also learn and become experts of;

  • clutch control
  • friction point
  • smooth gear changing

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We service these and all surrounding suburbs or email mandylamprell@icloud.com