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Passmore Driving School is your number 1 driving school in the Peel area. We have a high pass rate, over 95%, and our student’s couldn’t be happier. Our quality driver education programme takes driving lessons into the 21st century. With smart car technology and all the electronic creature features, options are no longer options. Computers and associated functionality is the heart beat of modern cars. It’s time to incorporate some knowledge of your modern car into your learner driving lessons. Learning to drive in our modern dual controlled cars will give you the confidence to become a safe and competent driver.

Our driving instructors are local to your area and know the test centre routes that are applicable to you. Not only that, but our instructors are friendliest and most helpful people you could ever meet.

All of this means that your lessons will be enjoyable and informative giving you all the best ingredients to pass your test.

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Passmore Driving School offers a diverse team of highly qualified male and female driving instructors. Our instructors come from different trade and professional backgrounds before becoming driving instructors. They are hand-picked personalities with great social skills and easily relate to a wide ‘audience’ of people. Instructors mix easily with young people and there’s no awkward silent times in the car.

Our driving instructors will be honest about the number of driving lessons you require. They will not keep silent about poor driving habits and they will not put concerns about losing your business & money ahead of proper driving training. They will tell you what you need to hear. Our instructors make the learning process easy, safe, and fun as it’s difficult to learn if you’re stressed.

All of our driving instructors are progressively trained and audited to the standards approved by the Western Australian Dept. of Transport and accredited under the federal government Keys2Drive program.

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