Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can start learning immediately!

If you’re not happy with your first Passmore Driving School lesson then we will give you your money back!

We operate in all areas from Mandurah to Rockingham, including Wellard, Dawesville to Pinjarra. For more information, click here.

If you have a manual licence you can drive both a manual and automatic vehicle on the road. If you have an automatic licence you can only drive an automatic vehicle on the road.

Manual licences may help in matters of employment or in emergency situations where your friend’s vehicles may be manual. It may also give you a greater choice when selecting a car to buy. By having a manual licence you can drive a wider selection of 4WD vehicles, vans and utes and most trucks, buses and coaches are still manual vehicles.

Getting a manual licence first up also saves you taking more lessons later on and undergoing a manual driving test. Manual vehicles are generally about $2000 cheaper to buy than an automatic car.

We pick students up from home, school, work place or an agreed upon location. We can also drop students off at a different location provided it is within our servicing range and requested prior to the lesson for scheduling reasons.

Call us on 0475 826 857 to book your driving lesson
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